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G Movies

Movies are film productions that are often shown on big screens, televisions and other similar means. Movies are categorised based on different criteria such as genre, target audience, theme and rating.

Movie classifications in Australia

In Australia, movie ratings are determined through a National Classification Scheme applied by a Classification Board. The Board assigns classification markings to movies and computer games. Classification markings are in the form of symbols and words.

Movies in Australia can be classified as:

- G (General) for films with very mild content
- PG (Parental guidance recommended) for films with mild content
- M (for mature audiences) for films with content that has a moderate impact
- MA 15 + (Not suitable for people below 15) for films with strong content
- R 18+ (restricted to 18 and up) for films with high level content
- X 18+ (for 18 and over) for films with sexually explicit content

Of these, G movies are among those that generate most income.

G movies, also known as G-rated movies, are films that are intended for general audiences. Characterised by simplicity and innocence, G movies are considered acceptable to almost all audiences.

G movies and their audiences

Having light or feel-good themes, G movies have a strong appeal among young audiences. They come in animated and non-animated varieties. Animated G movies are more popular among children.

However, G movies are not exclusive to the young market. Makers and producers have already incorporated "adult elements" into G movies such as a certain degree of action and violence, social issues, values and others.

Studies show that G movies turn out to be more profitable than movies of other ratings. G movies cater to both the young and the grown-up population. Although G movies have a big market, G movies are not produced as often as movies with other ratings. Studies show that G movies usually comprise only about 3% of the total number of movies produced. The marketability of G movies lie in their target audiences and their appeal. Not only are they entertaining, modern day G movies are already equipped with more relevant social issues. These social issues embedded in G movies make these movies worth watching for adults.

Where to find G movies

G movies can be sold in different formats such as DVDs, VCDs or video tapes. Copies of G movies are sold in video stores, department stores and online stores.